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Beyond Skin Deep: Tinsley Mortimer

Just like OVME, Tinsley Mortimer is a newcomer to Chicago: Last year, the former “Real Housewives of New York” star decamped from Manhattan and made the move to the Windy City, settling right in on the 92nd floor of the iconic Hancock Building. Since then, the recently engaged beauty buff has been laser-focused on self-care—literally: She introduced lasers into her skincare routine with treatments at OVME’s new Chi studio. “My skin looks so much better after doing the BBL Laser, and I can’t wait to try Halo when I go back,” she says. “I’m all about lasers now—far more than Botox and fillers—and look forward to seeing all the improvements in my skin texture and appearance.” Here, she goes beyond skin deep with OVME and gives us the scoop on what energizes her spirit. 

OVME: We’re both new-ish to Chicago! It was so fun having you in the studio—what can you tell us about your experience at OVME, and what benefits have you seen since receiving the laser treatment?  

TINSLEY MORTIMER: I had the most delightful time at OVME! Everyone was so nice and eager to give me the best experience possible. The texture of my skin is so much better after having the BBL treatment. The dark sun spots on my face have disappeared; my skin is smoother than it was before, and it feels so good. I actually go out now occasionally without makeup!  

O: We love playing a part in making people feel good. When do you feel like your best self? 

TM: Because I am a Southern girl—and was taught from birth that the way one presents herself to others is simply good manners—I always feel my best when I’ve tried to look nice. I love to be all dolled up, wearing party dresses, fabulous shoes, a chic clutch, hair and makeup done. This is who I am, and I make no apologies for it.

O: At OVME, we’re all about positive energy. What energizes you? 

TM: Confidence energizes me. When I feel positive about myself, anything is possible. This is why I am always eager to do what is necessary to take care of myself, both mentally and physically. My belief is that it is your duty to put positive energy into this world since it affects everyone around you. Putting out happiness and good into the world is very important to me, and I feel like I can do this best when I feel confident and good about my appearance and mind. 

O: Another way you put good into the world is through your charity work: You’re an ambassador for and on the Development Board at PAWS Chicago. Why is this organization close to your heart?

TM: I absolutely love PAWS Chicago’s mission and knew when I moved here this was the one charitable organization of which I had to be a part. Pet adoption and helping homeless animals have a voice is something I care deeply about. PAWS is the largest no-kill shelter in the Midwest, and encourages the spaying and neutering of pets to help end animal homelessness. While there are more than enough stray animals in the United States for everyone, I rescued my dogs Strawberry and Shortcake from China, having been horrified that animals were being tortured and killed to be eaten at a huge fair in Yulin, China. Due to what they experienced prior to their rescue, my babies are the most appreciative and loving dogs of all time; they are always wonderfully behaved and such good girls. I believe animals know when they have been rescued, and while they need love and attention, they are most happy sharing their love with others.

O: Beautifully said. What else are you loving about Chicago so far? 

TM: Chicago is really the perfect city. It’s loaded with every cultural amenity and incredible architecture. I love seeing so much water with the scenic Chicago River and Lake Michigan, which almost feels like an ocean. As an extra bonus, Chicago is super clean and its people are overwhelmingly nice! It feels a little like being in a European city to me. I love living downtown, overlooking the whole city and feeling very proud to now call myself a Chicagoan.

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