Let’s Talk About Lasers: What to Expect For Laser Resurfacing Recovery

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Let’s Talk About Lasers: Laser Resurfacing Recovery, Part II

In Part I of this series, we broke down what the initial downtime of a facial Halo laser treatment looks like, but it ended on a cliffhanger: Once the sandpapery texture crumbles off roughly six days post-treatment, the real healing begins. So what comes next in laser resurfacing recovery? We turned again to OVME Director of Education and Development Elizabeth Weiler for an extended, month-by-month breakdown of results. Here, she weighs in. 

1 Month Post-OVME Laser Resurfacing:  

Though you’ll see some results instantly after treatment—reduction of brown spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone—“at this point you’re probably going, ‘hmm, was that worth the investment?’” Weiler says. “But this is when your body starts generating its own hyaluronic acid.” You read that correctly: The secret ingredient you find in all those high-end moisturizers—and even in fillers like Juvéderm—can actually be produced in-house (or rather, in-body). Hyaluronic acid is plumping and hydrating, and about a month after your Halo treatment, it starts working to fill in the little holes caused by the laser. You’ll notice your skin get a little brighter. 

1-3 Months Post-OVME Laser Resurfacing: 

“Between months one and three, that hyaluronic acid that was making you look polished is now being replaced by new skin and collagen from the lower level of the dermis,” Weiler explains. “We usually say that a client can expect to see their initial results during this time.” 

6 Months Post-OVME Laser Resurfacing: 

“Usually about six months to the dot is when other people start noticing,” Weiler says. This is when you might start getting ambiguous compliments like “Are you using a different moisturizer?” or “Did you get your hair done?” People might not be able to put their finger on it—but they’re noticing that you look great. 

6-8 Months Post-OVME Laser Resurfacing – Full Recovery: 

This is when OVME wants you to come back in so they can snap a stunning “after” photo—it’s when the most visible results appear. “However, the collagen-generating effects continue for up to a year,” Weiler says. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” Your body is still in injury-healing response mode, she adds. “It’s sending all the good structural, juicy stuff that’s present in youthful skin.” 

Missed Part I? Find out what to expect in the week after treatment, day-by-day, here. 

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