No Filter with Amanda Thomas: The Iron(woman) and Dallas Aesthetician

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No Filter with Amanda Thomas: On Importance of being Confident

At OVME, we’re all about culture and community. With our No Filter series, we’re giving you an inside look at the people who make up our dynamic team, get the wheels turning behind the scenes … and keep you glowing. 

A career in skincare wasn’t always in the cards for the New Mexico native Amanda Thomas—but helping instill confidence in others was. Amanda started modeling as a teen and got into acting in her early 20s, and through doing so that she realized just how life-changing a little hubris can actually be. “Being in front of a camera has always been an important part of my life,” she says. “My mid-20s is when I really was like, ‘OK, Amanda, how are you going to stand out in a room of beautiful people?’ And alas, the word ‘confidence’ is where my thoughts and my game changed. By having confidence and feeling good about myself I was able to learn so much more.” Amanda—who, btw, is also an Ironman triathlete and social media superstar — wanted to pass along that confidence to others, and realized she could do so by helping beautify them from the outside in. Interestingly, she entered aesthetician school having never used more than a bar of soap and Olay moisturizer on her own skin—but she’s come a long way. Read on to find out what her go-to treatments are now, plus her favorite things about Dallas and what keeps her glowing. 

Amanda Thomas


My role is so much more than esthetician and laser tech—it’s to bring light and confidence to everyone that comes into my chair. Behind those doors, I laugh with clients, cry with clients, pray with clients. I embrace them in every facet of their life. … I have always tried to exude an authentic approach to an industry that can be tainted by words like “shallow” and “superficial.” It is just so much more than that. You are literally bringing confidence and self-empowerment that directly translates to the [client’s] relationships, friendships and work life.


My go-to services are dermaplaning, the level 2 chemical peel, and of course Botox. A light chemical peel once a month is so stellar for the skin, especially if you are not someone who uses retinol daily or weekly. With Botox, if theres any muscle movement I want ALL the units—between me being so active with triathlons and being super expressive I go through it quickly.


I could talk about lasers all day, try me. The science behind deoxygenating a cell to get rid of sun damage is crazy good. You can reverse the aging process of your skin with lasers. They can keeping you clear of acne, make sure your collagen is always up to speed, get rid of possible cancerous cells from UV damage, as well as keep you nice and tight.


One of my favorite restaurants is North Italia. I love to do a little of everything on the menu: order a shared plate, small plate, appetizer, salad and entree. Prosciutto bruschetta, Italian meatballs, arugula and avocado salad, diver scallops. Holy moly. I’m also a bourbon girl and they have Blanton’s, which is not always the easiest to find. …My favorite fish place is a little shack right by Uptown and West Village called Hook Line & Sinker. The boiled shrimp and grilled fish is always yummy; pair it with a Mexican cola. …  And because I am a huge nerd and I love all things earth and science, The Perot museum is such a beautiful place. The things you will see and learn are extraordinary. 

Amanda Thomas


I find my glow by thinking of things and putting them in motion. Sometimes it may just be giving myself a facial, or buying myself a coffee that is way overpriced and has way too many calories; sometimes it’s a great healthy meal. But it’s also as simple as reading things that are powerful and motivating, listening to music or podcasts … Recently it’s been really learning to have a learner’s mindset and grasp that are so many beautiful minds out there—and if you give them the time of day to listen and learn, you really grow. I find the more I learn, the more I glow.

“I find the more I learn, the more I glow.”

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