BEYOND SKIN DEEP: It Girl and OVME Houston Ambassador Kirby Long

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BEYOND SKIN DEEP: It Girl and OVME Houston Ambassador Kirby Long

Third-generation Houstonian Kirby Long knows the city inside and out, so she was a natural fit to join us in opening our OVME Houston studio. As a model and former Miss Texas Teen, she also has a passion for skincare, (she’ll be first in line for the OVME HydraFacial® and chemical peels when our doors swing open). But there’s more than meets the eye with this blonde beauty: She and her husband, Luke, help run the 400-acre Diamond Cross Ranch, a wedding and soon-to-be festival venue in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a line of cool merch that’s been donned by influencers and celebs alike. Plus, she posts makeup and skincare tutorials on her YouTube channel—her bubbly personality is made for TV—and regularly links-style and beauty looks for her more than 23k Instagram followers. Here, she fills us in on what she’s been up to and what keeps her glowing—literally and figuratively. 

OVME: We’re so excited to have you be a part of our Houston Campaign! Tell us about yourself and what you do. 

KIRBY LONG:  I was Miss Texas Teen when I was 18, and did the whole pageant scene growing up; I always loved being on stage. I went to school at Texas A&M University and graduated in three years, then got married to my now husband. … I have a lot of side hustle businesses that my husband and I are working on. We have our wedding business in Jackson Hole—I really enjoy doing the marketing for that—and then of course our T-shirt and sweatshirt company that’s really starting to take off. … I’ve also been modeling since I was about 15, so I get sent off to shoots during the week. I’m very busy, but I enjoy it. I’ve always said make yourself as busy as possible, because when you get bored that’s when you stop having motivation. When you surround yourself with other hard-working people who are doing the most, you’re going to be wanting to match that; it encourages you to be more successful. 

O: Take us on your skincare journey. 

KL: I always had fairly good skin growing up—I mean, it sounds disgusting but I would literally use a Dove bar of soap to clean my face because my face just wouldn’t break out. It wasn’t until around my junior year of college that I started to have breakouts, and it got even worse when we moved to New York [for a few months in early 2020]. I guess just all the pollution in the air, my skin was freaking out. It became really dry and flaky and I did not feel confident whatsoever. So I started researching and watching videos of other people’s skincare routines, and reading reviews. I started ordering a ton of stuff, trying it out, figuring out what didn’t work and what did; it was probably a six-month process but I finally perfected the routine and my skin stopped being insane.

O: So what are some of your go-to skincare products today? 

KL: I love a good hyaluronic acid. I also really love skin oils; they work for my skin a lot better sometimes than lotions do. One of my favorites is Pai Rosehip Cleansing Oil; I’m slightly obsessed with it. I use CeraVe to wash my face and I’ll do a mask a couple times a week, and then after my mask I’ll put the oil on. 

O: Finally, how do you Find Your Glow®? 

KL: It actually was a very long process. Starting pageants and modeling at such a young age, I was always comparing myself to other people. I was probably around 19 or 20 when I really started surrounding myself with people who made me feel good about myself and were never tearing me down. I grew that confidence in knowing I don’t have to compare myself to other people; the beauty about being me is that no one else is me. That’s when I started to find my glow—when I started surrounding myself with good people who had my best interests at heart. 

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