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Take a Tour of the Brand-New OVME Bethesda Studio

There have been some big changes in Washington in the past month. Chief among them: the opening of the OVME Bethesda studio on January 25 (OK, so maybe we’re a little bias). Whether you’re a busy working professional, up-and-coming influencer or just looking for a refresh, our sleek medical aesthetics studio has everything you need to get your glow on (D.C.-based influencers Katharina Mazepa and Holly Pan already have!). So, why OVME? We’re so glad you asked. Here are a few components of the new studio that set us apart. 

The Vibe 

The atmosphere is “really current, fresh—very different from the typical DC medspa, where it feels like a doctor’s office,” says Bethesda studio manager Robyn McEneaney, a 12-year veteran of the industry. “When you walk in here, you feel like you stepped out of reality.” There’s a signature fragrance—you’ll notice the fresh scent right when you step through the doors—and five pristine treatment rooms beyond the luxe lobby. “There’s almost a California vibe; I’ve heard a few people say that,” McEneaney says. And if an escape to the West Coast isn’t enough, you’ll learn a thing or two, too. “We are really looking to educate our clients and help deliver the results they’re looking for; it’s not a hard-sales type of environment. We believe in the glow approach.”

OVME Bethesda

The Moss Wall 

An OVME signature, a moss wall with illuminated blue shelving displays products by SkinMedica and Revision, plus our own OVME skincare line. “Clients can sample, demo, put products on their skin and try them out,” McEneaney says. “It’s a warm experience.” In addition to the product wall, there’s a stellar candy-stocked beverage bar (rosé, anyone?) and comfortable modern seating in the lobby. 

The OVME Skin Analysis

This exclusive (and complimentary!) service kicks off every OVME client’s experience. Images are taken of the front and sides of your face and pulled up on a screen, where you’ll be able to see sun damage, pore size, wrinkles, texture and tone. “It also shows how you’re going to progress in aging—what you’ll look like when you’re 80. It’s crazy and cool,” McEneaney says. The results are specific to each client, of course, and treatment providers use the information as a starting point for developing an uberpersonalized treatment plan. 

The Services

The two most popular categories of treatment at OVME are lasers and injectables, though there’s much more on offer, including a soothing OVME HyrdaFacial® and vitamin-packed B-12 shots. McEneaney especially recommends the OVME Photo Facial for targeting sun damage and brown spots and overall anti-aging. 

OVME bethesda

“When you walk in here, you feel like you stepped out of reality.”

Studio manager Robyn McEneaney

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