Introducing All The Things®: Follow Along with Influencer Ayla Elizabeth

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Introducing All The Things®: Follow Along with Influencer Ayla Elizabeth

Looking to set off on a transformative skincare journey, but not sure where to begin? Check out All The Things®, OVME’s revolutionary approach to personalized skincare. 

To show you how it works, we followed along with one real client, a stunning Atlanta-based beauty and lifestyle influencer who’s finding her glow with All The Things®. 

Meet Ayla Elizabeth

When she first discovered OVME 4 years ago, Ayla had never had so much as a facial. Now she’s a devotee of the Buckhead and East Cobb studios, and over the past few years, has adjusted her treatment regimen and seriously upped her glow. But when she recently stopped in for a Skin Analysis—the first step in the All The Things® program—everything changed.


How so?

“I was totally taken by surprise,” Ayla says about the results of her analysis, which uses high-powered imaging technology to scan the face for surface and subsurface spots, wrinkles, texture, pores and pigmentation. “I thought I had the most perfect skin in the world, until I saw that skin analysis. It would be a huge wakeup call for anyone, new clients and current clients who haven’t tried it.”

Here’s what Ayla learned about her skin: 

  • Sun damage: “I kind of expected that,” she admits. “I’m from Florida and I did grow up on the beach … I definitely saw all the side effects looking at the screen.”
  • Fine lines & wrinkles: The skin analysis pointed out the areas where Ayla should start taking preventative action for wrinkles. “They were the exact areas that my mom and grandma have fine lines and wrinkles”—in particular the smile lines, forehead, and crow’s feet. “I was like, OK, that’s interesting; if I don’t start doing something about that now, I know exactly how it’s going to look in 30 years.”
  • Redness and skin tone: “I’ve known that I had an issue with redness but I didn’t know what to do about it. [The analysis] broke down each section for me: what we can fix with facials, [what] we can prevent with Botox [and so on].” 

After the analysis, Ayla sat down with her own personal glow team—including advanced medical aesthetic injector Janna Walton—to find out what services and products are recommended to address her specific skin issues on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 

The best part? 

“Everything was tailored to me,” Ayla says. “It wasn’t ‘buy this, do this’; it was, ‘this is exactly what your specific skin problems are [and here’s what we can] offer to help those.’”  


Ayla Elizabeth

So what did the OVME team recommend? Ayla’s new routine is five-fold: 

  • Dermaplaning: every 4 months. “It helps makeup stay on, and gives a glow when you don’t have makeup on,” Ayla says of her favorite treatment.
  • Preventative Botox: every 3-4 months for a consultation and/or injections. “I went in last month to see if I needed any areas of Botox fixed and [my injector] was like ‘No, your face looks good, we don’t want to freeze your face.’ They’re so honest.” 
  • Botox for TMJ: every 3 months 

Ayla spaces out her appointments so she’s hitting the studio at least once a month for one treatment or another. “If I go two months without going into OVME, I’m like, wait a minute something’s not right,” she laughs. “I don’t like to go too long, because I truly enjoy going.”

For her, it’s all about the experience. 

“I feel a sense of community at OVME. Everyone is so kind; no one is pushy or sales-y … They really care about making you feel confident in your own skin.” And confidence is, ultimately, the end goal. “Every girl who works at OVME or goes to OVME, her skin just glows,” Ayla says. “No makeup, fresh skin, fresh face—and they have so much confidence … I want to feel that glow from the inside out, and OVME has helped me get on that track.”

So, are you ready to start your own skincare journey? 

Let OVME be your guide with All The Things®.

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