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SKINCARE 101: Bringing All The Things® Home

All The Things® is OVME’s revolutionary approach to personalized skincare, a bespoke schedule of weekly, monthly and yearly treatments and services that will amplify your glow. But it goes beyond in-studio treatments. “A crucial part of the the All The Things® continuum is your at-home skincare regimen, your daily routine,” says OVME founder Dr. Mark McKenna. The best way to approach that is through GRASS, an insider acronym you can use to develop a solid skincare routine.

GRASS breaks down to:

  • Growth Factors
  • Retinol
  • Antioxidants
  • SPF
  • Specialty Skincare

Here, McKenna takes you step-by-step—and provides top product recommendations along the way.


These are proteins that stimulate your skin to do things like produce collagen and elastin and increase blood flow, ultimately creating even tone and texture and keeping skin free of fine lines and wrinkles. The bad news? As we age, we produce fewer growth factors on our own—meaning it’s all the more important to supplement with skincare.

OVME recommends: SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum

Pro tip: “With growth factors, less is more,” McKenna says, adding that 1-2 pumps of this powerful serum will go a long way. “Use just enough to coat the face.”


You’ve likely heard of retinol before; it’s become famous for its anti-aging properties. It increases cell turnover, boosting the more youthful properties of skin like smoothness and radiance.

OVME recommends: SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.25

Pro tip: McKenna recommends starting with a pea-sized amount of the .25 complex nightly, 2-3 times per week. “If your skin is tolerating that”—aka not breaking out or showing redness—“you can advance to nightly use.” The same product is also available in a slightly stronger 0.5 complex.


Antioxidants are the front line of defense for your face, protecting it from damage caused by free radicals caused by things like pollution. One of the most important antioxidants is Vitamin C, which specifically protects the skin cells from free radicals caused by UV damage. (Bonus: It also helps enhance radiance.)

OVME recommends: OVME Boost


It’s been pushed on you since childhood, and for good reason. Of course, it protects skin from both UVA and UVB damage caused by the sun—but sunscreen has additional benefits, like reducing the appearance of pores.

OVME recommends: Revision IntelliShade Original tinted moisturizer

Pro tip: Dual use products are key to easy, breezy skincare. During the summer months you’ll want to use fewer products that go further—think tinted moisturizer with SPF (which does the work of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen in one swipe).


“The first four steps of GRASS, anyone can and should use,” McKenna says. “This last step is patient-specific, designed to address individual skincare concerns.” Think: hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or under-eye bags.

OVME recommends: Since this step is all about personalization, there’s no one-size-fits-all product. Talk with your OVME Glow Team about your skin’s specific needs, and which products are the best fit to work into your routine.

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