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BEYOND SKIN DEEP: Miss Music Row & OVME Ambassador Sabrina Ponte

Sabrina Ponte is an anomaly: Her true skin age—as determined by OVME’s uber-high-tech Skin Analysis — is 4 years younger than her actual age. In order to keep it that way, she’s teamed up with OVME at our brand-new OVME Franklin studio, where she heads for restorative and preventative treatments on the reg.


What makes OVME the best fit for Sabrina?

SABRINA: Well for starters, it’s more than a medspa. “OVME promotes positivity and confidence, which I feel is very important when it comes to overall health,” says Sabrina, a singer-songwriter who uses her platform as Miss Music Row to advocate for healthy lifestyle choices across the board, from skincare to nutrition to
body positivity.

Here, the Boston-born beauty gives us the scoop on her personal skincare habits and the OVME experience.

OVME: Take us on your skincare journey.

SABRINA PONTE: I have always loved skincare and been on the search for the next best thing to help my skin—in the present and for the long run. Your skin and health in general is one of the best things you can invest in. I focus much more on skincare than makeup; when I do that, I feel I need less makeup.

O: As Miss Music Row and a prominent lifestyle blogger, you’re in the public eye a lot. Has your attention to skincare changed since becoming a more public figure?

SP: It has given me the opportunity to try a lot more products; it has also made me want to focus more on skincare because I am constantly in front of the camera. [That said], I try to be selective about what I put on my skin.

O: You’re an advocate for a healthy lifestyle all around. Why is that important to you?

SP: Healthy skin makes us more confident—and when we are more confident, we don’t let anything hold us back. I’m a big advocate for preventative treatment and [taking] precautions, and I like that OVME cares about those things as well.

O: What did you learn from your OVME Skin Analysis? What treatments are you most excited about because
of it?

SP: One of the things I found interesting was I did not have much sun damage at all—I’m thinking that is from growing up in Boston. The things I want to work on are minimizing pores and preventing wrinkles, which is why my first treatment was an OVME HydraFacial®
I took forward to seeing how my scores improve when I get another analysis!


O: What does your at-home skincare routine look like between treatments?

SP: I start with a morning cleanse, followed by serums and lotion. I exfoliate a few times a week and have been trying to do an at-home chemical peel once a week. I recently switched to using special face towels and they are so much more gentle on my [skin] than a regular hand towel.

O: Finally, how do you Find your glow.®?

SP: The glow comes from within—with a little assistance from great self-care.

“Healthy skin makes us more confident—and when we are more confident, we don’t let anything hold us back.”

–Sabrina Ponte

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