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OVME Celebrates Mothers

This Mother’s Day is an especially important one. Moms have always been superheroes, but this past year, as work-from-home and virtual schooling doubled their burden, moms have had even more on their plates. For many, health issues compounded the challenges, too.

At OVME, we believe mothers deserve to be pampered—now more than ever. Back in March, we put out a call to clients and friends to nominate a mother in their lives who they feel is especially worthy of some self-care and “me time.” The response was overwhelming.

Three winners—Donna Burroughs, Hilary Hommes and Erin Porter—were selected to receive $5,000 worth of services and products at OVME. Here, we shine the spotlight on these incredible women.


Nominated by her daughter, Misty

Donna Burroughs has never had so much as a facial—she’s been too busy taking care of others. “She’s worked at hospice since 2013; she’s helped thousands of bereaved families through their losses and hugged even more,” wrote Donna’s daughter, Misty Burroughs, in nominating her mom for the OVME pampering package. “Prior to hospice, she worked at my old high school ‘adopting’ many of the students who still call her Mama Donna; she’s been a mother figure to many kids who didn’t have one in their lives. She has been a light in her community.”

This year, though, Donna suffered her own tragic loss when her husband of more than 40 years passed away from cardiac arrest. “She’s gone from having a husband and partner by her side to taking care of a home on her own,” Misty wrote. “I’ve witnessed her now learn how to work on her own car and lawnmower even … and she’s started to plan my own wedding when my work and grad school get to be too much.”

For Donna, the planning and collaboration with her daughter has been a light in a dark time. “In the past year, my daughter has kept me hopeful,” Donna says. “Being a mother to Misty has been the greatest gift of my whole life. … When I first held her in my arms, I felt a love fill my heart like no other.” The two have already begun celebrating Mother’s Day—with a visit, flowers and dinner—and, as for that facial? Donna loved it. “I had a HydraFacial and it felt great,” she says. “I was also given products to help my skin be the best it can be.” No doubt Donna will continue finding her glow by helping others, and we can’t wait to follow along on her journey.


Nominated by her husband, Christian

In one of the sweetest video messages we’ve ever seen, Christian Hommes waxed poetic on his appreciation for his wife Hilary and all that she does. We couldn’t agree more that Hilary is a superstar. She’s on the front line full-time as a physician assistant in emergency medicine; is mom to four-year-old Silas and two-year-old Juniper, and pregnant with her third child; and has found a passion in fundraising for a cure for Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder Silas was born with (she’s already raise more than $75k, and she and Christian are in the process of starting their own nonprofit dedicated to the cause).

“Angelman Syndrome affects 1 in 20,000 people,” Hilary says. “We are a rare community, and we appreciate any and all attention we can get to help the cause.” Check out the Angelman Syndrome Foundation to learn more about the disease and to donate to helping find a cure. Plus, follow #teamsilashommes on Instagram to see how the Hommes team fundraises through participation in the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon, “Suds for Silas” brewery events, dinners, CrossFit competitions and more.

This past year, Hilary found even more ways to give back. “2020 was a very rough year for everyone, and Nashville in particular had multiple tragedies to overcome – the tornado, the pandemic, the rioting, and the Christmas day bombing,” Hilary says. “We wanted to encourage, support, and bring a little joy to our local restaurants and our communities simultaneously.” So, she and Christian bought gift certificates to local restaurants in bulk and placed them in neighbors’ mailboxes with an anonymous message of encouragement.

Hilary says her children drive her to focus on the important things in life, and she’s had to put self-care on the back burner. We’re excited to change that. She’ll be trying Dysport or Botox and discovering new treatments and skin solutions through a consultation with the OVME team. “When someone is glowing, I often think they feel content, peace, joy, or happiness,” Hilary says. “When I am ‘glowing,’ it is when I feel these things—when I am with my family, at church, or doing the things I love, like our volunteer work. I would love for OVME to make the outside match the glow on the inside!”


Nominated by her best friend, Emily

In May 2020, with the pandemic raging and a five-week-old baby at home, Erin Porter suddenly and very unexpectedly lost her best friend and husband—her partner since she was 16—to an aggressive form of leukemia. Just six months later, she lost her mother. Over the past year, first-grade-teacher Erin has found solace in her three children. “Life didn’t change for me when I became a mother—I learned to really live when I became a mama,” she says. “My children give a greater purpose, a purpose that directs my mind to someone other than myself. A purpose filled with innocence and love.”

Erin is the type of mother who truly deserves a celebration this Mother’s Day, one who has found a different type of love with each child. “My first child taught me I’m not always perfect; he taught me what selfless love is,” she says. “My middle child looks just like me and has a heart I only could dream of having. She has a light that shines on all who know her. My third child is our baby that saved me.” Even so, she’s always thinking of others. “As I describe my relationship with my children, I can’t help but think of all the women who struggle with infertility, infant loss and miscarriage. … I believe you don’t have to physically give birth to a child to be a mother—being called to be a mother is so much more than that.”

Needless to say, “The season of motherhood that I am in right now doesn’t allow for much pampering,” Erin says. She’s always had an interest in quality skin care, but no time to pursue it. So, when her best friend nominated her for this prize, it was a true gift. Erin recently came in for a consultation and worked with the OVME team to create a regimen. “After my first visit, I felt I could surrender my insecurities about my skin to them, and they would direct me in a healthy direction on what to do next,” Erin says. She already exudes the inner glow we’re all seeking, and now she has the outer glow, too.

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