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The Top 10 Before-and-Afters of 2021

The Top 10 Before-and-Afters of 2021

Published on December 20, 2021

You liked it, you saved it and you shared it for good reason. These OVME Before-and-Afters hit it out of the park on our Instagram because you fell in love with the amazing transformations of our incredible clients. OVME Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark McKenna shares his insights on why these B&As were so incredible. And as you plan your next treatments, these looks will give you all the inspo you need.

01. This lip filler that makes you google “Russian Lips”

STUDIO: Nashville
Treatment: Lip Filler
Dr. McKenna: “Nicely shaped lips with well defined borders and proper volumization. This is an absolutely fantastic result.”

02. This Liquid Lift that Gives Total Natural Vibes

STUDIO: Bethesda
Treatment: Dermal filler, lip and jawline
Dr. McKenna: “Jawline contouring sculpts this clients lower face with the added bonus of a natural lip augmentation.”

03. This Total Transformation That is Almost Too Good to Believe

STUDIO: Buckhead
Treatment: Dermal Filler, under eye, lips. Botox. Medical grade skincare
Dr. McKenna: “This image demonstrates the efficacy of combination therapy. This patient received “All The Things” to deliver an outstanding cosmetic outcome.”

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04. This OVME PhotoFacial that Just Keeps Getting Better

STUDIO: Charlotte
Treatment: OVME Photo Facial
Dr. McKenna: “If Botox irons the sheets, cosmetic lasers wash the sheets. This client improved the health and integrity of her skin with a series of laser facials.”

05. This Filler Trio That Makes You Want to Go To Fashion Week

STUDIO: Buckhead
Treatment: Chin, cheek and lip Filler
Dr. McKenna: “Non surgical facial contouring was achieved utlizing advanced injectable techniques to this client’s lips and chin.”

06. This Lip Glow-Up That Makes You Believe in Magic

STUDIO: Buckhead & East Cobb
Treatment: Lip Filler
Dr. McKenna: “This client was able to transform the appearance of her lips and smile with three syringes of dermal fillers over a 14-month period.”

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07. This OVME PhotoFacial Treatment That Proves Lasers Can Cure Almost Anything

STUDIO: Dallas
Treatment: OVME Photo Facial
Dr. McKenna: “The OVME Photo Facial utilizes the power of phototherapy to improve the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions. This client enjoyed a transformative outcome after only three treatments.“

08. This Lip Transformation That’s So Natural, and Yet So WOW-Factor

STUDIO: Buckhead
Treatment: Lip Filler
Dr. McKenna: “Non-surgical lip augmentation achieves proper symmetry and volume ratios between the upper and lower lip.”

09. This Under-Eye Filler that Looks Like You’ve Slept More Than Everyone Else

STUDIO: Dallas
Treatment: Under eye Filler
Dr. McKenna: “My absolute favorite procedure to restore a youthful appearance! Under eye filler yields immediate results with minimal risk of bruising and no down-time.”

10. This Heart-Shaped Lip Filler That Makes You Feel The Love

STUDIO: Nashville
Treatment: Lip Filler
Dr. McKenna: This client enjoys crisp vermillion borders, a well defined cupid’s bow, and just the right amount of volumization — flawless result.

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