The Insider Edit: Jessica Crovato, Merrifield, VA - OVME Aesthetics

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The Insider Edit: Jessica Crovato, Merrifield, VA

The Insider Edit: Jessica Crovato, Merrifield, VA

Published on February 18, 2022

Meet Jessica Crovato, our Merrifield, Virginia OVME Aesthetician, who loves spending “all day doing extractions and goes home to watch more extractions.” But when she’s not deep diving into skincare and aesthetic tech, she is taking care of her whole self — from workouts and eating right to social outings and traveling. And of course, snuggling with her gigantic puppy. Check out her top 3 in-the-know OVME favorites

“I have personally struggled with acne and the marks and texture left behind from previous breakouts as well as Melasma but I don’t struggle with those issues anymore, because OVME Laser Resurfacing has transformed my skin.”

“I think we are all trained to want instant gratification, yet everything is a process. OVME Laser Resurfacing is the closest technology to that. It provides the best results that you can get from a fractionated laser with the least amount of downtime.”

“Every OVME Elite member gets $100 off the service price. Initially, it’s best to do 2-3 times no more than 90 days apart as a corrective treatment. I do mine every 6 months to keep my Melasma symptoms away and it works like a charm.”

Let’s get lasered.

“Working at OVME has taught me that I will never go another day in my life without a growth factor serum. The change that I’ve seen with TNS+ Advanced is unlike any other.”

“If texture, sun damage, pigment, fine lines, wrinkles, or luminosity is a concern then, TNS+ Advanced is the answer. Growth factors are one of the many things that we slowly run out of as we age. Think of it this way: when a toddler skins their knee, they can heal the next day like nothing happened. That doesn’t happen in your 30’s, partly because of the lack of growth factors.”

“TNS Advanved+ literally turns the tables on aging and makes my skin so smooth! 100% worth it.”

It’s time to turn back time.

“The OVME Curves comes in two colors: blue (so on brand!) and black (my favorite!). The Curve’s ultra-soft, cushioned bristles activate cleansers while providing gentle massage for next level cleansing.”

“My favorite feature is the Timed Cleansing Zones for a deep, elevated clenase! The Curve gives you a 1 minute timed cleansing mode that prompts users to change zones every 15 seconds. There are 4 prompts total: Left Cheek, Right Cheek, Forehead, Nose/Perioral.”

“This is gentle enough to use each day and night for brighter, healthier and more youthful looking skin!”


“My OVME family ❤️ This consists of my co-workers and our shared clients. We’re all genuinely so excited to see each other and to see our clients names on our schedule everyday. It makes what we do so easy. Having genuine fun while being given the opportunity to make our clients feel and look as beautiful as they are on the inside is so rewarding. This is always a safe place to be and we’re just so honored to be part of the process.”

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