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Why OVME’s HydraFacial Eliteis Basically The Luxury Treatment of Skincare

Performance. Safety. Comfort. Aesthetics. We’re talking HydraFacials, which are the luxury treatment of skincare. According to our Director of Education and Development (and all-around skincare expert) Elizabeth Weiler, “The HydraFacial Elite utilizes the best technology and customizations to deliver a total skin transformation. Once you try the Hydrafacial Elite, you won’t want to try anything… Read More »

An injectable treatment for cellulite is here!

There’s something new and exciting coming to select OVME Studios just in time for summer, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Meet QWO, the latest treatment to join our lineup of luxury services. What is QWO, you ask? This nonsurgical procedure is an injectable solution that targets moderate to severe cellulite in… Read More »

The LBD of Skincare: The Always-In Essentials You Need in Your Skincare Routine

Think of the products in your skincare routine: They’re probably not unlike the clothes hanging in your closet. Hear us out—you’ve got different products for each season, products that are trendy, products you wear for special occasions, and finally, your everyday essentials. Then, of course, there’s the LBD, otherwise known as the little black dress.… Read More »

OVME Botox Party Q&A

Cheers! We interviewed OVME’s very own President & COO, Colleen Lewis, to discuss the benefits of hosting a Botox® party at OVME. Here, we walk through all FAQ’s (and incentives!) to make your party glow. The Basics Q: Can you walk us through the steps for booking a Botox® party? Step 1: Call your local… Read More »

All Things SPF

Let’s get real: sun protection is serious—and sunscreen needs to be a serious part of your skincare routine. But with all the misinformation out there, it can be hard to determine what kind to use, how much, and when. That’s where we come in. We’re here to break down the facts, bust the myths and… Read More »

OVME Celebrates Mothers

This Mother’s Day is an especially important one. Moms have always been superheroes, but this past year, as work-from-home and virtual schooling doubled their burden, moms have had even more on their plates. For many, health issues compounded the challenges, too. At OVME, we believe mothers deserve to be pampered—now more than ever. Back in… Read More »

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