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Facial Laser Services

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Lasers 2022 Published on January 26, 2021 IN THIS ARTICLE: 01: What are Lasers? 02: Benefits of Laser Treatment 03: Where to Start with Laser Treatments 04: Am I the best candidate for Laser Treatments? 05: Do Lasers Hurt? 06: How to Prepare for Laser Treatments 07: What to Expect… Read More »

The Insider Edit: OVME Team Picks

The Insider Edit: OVME Team Picks Published on January 13, 2022 You asked, so we’re answering! Every month we are sharing our OVME team’s insider scoop on all things skincare. These are our obsessions, transformations and must-haves from the best of us for the best of you. Don’t miss an edition of this insider edit… Read More »

OVME’s 2022 Trend Watch Guide

OVME’s 2022 Trend Watch Guide Published on January 4, 2022 This year is all about transformation. And as such, medical aesthetic services are trending big time. Who’s getting them and what are they getting? We’ve got the roundup of the four services that will be huge this year. Russian Lip Filler Celebs Rumored to Have… Read More »

What is Melasma & How Do You Treat It?

Clear, even-toned skin is a hallmark of both health and beauty in many cultures, so it’s no wonder why so many of us strive for that “perfect” complexion—and why discoloration and hyperpigmentation are top concerns of OVME clientele. One of the most common types of discoloration we see is a skin condition called melasma that… Read More »

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