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Laser Hair Removal: It’s Not What You Think

Summer is nearly here, and that means short shorts, sleeveless tops, and swimsuits. It’s bare-skin season and to prep, we spoke with OVME’s Director of Education and Development, Elizabeth Weiler, about all things laser hair removal. OVME’S LASER HAIR REMOVAL TECHNOLOGY IS SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Book Now! You may have some misconceptions about… Read More »

B12: The Basics

If ever there was a cure-all, vitamin B12 is it. Why? Because B12 go es way beyond skin deep. True, it helps combat dry hair, skin and nails, but it does more than that. B12 has an effect on: Energy levels Mood Immunity Bone density Weight loss It’s the secret potion that will get you… Read More »

SKINCARE 101: Get Glowing for Spring

You’re swapping out your closet and hitting the gym—sure signs that warmer weather is on the way. And as you dump those winter woes, here’s something else to think about: The start of spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your skincare routine. “A solid skincare routine should be applicable to all seasons, but there… Read More »

SKINCARE 101: Bringing All The Things® Home

All The Things® is OVME’s revolutionary approach to personalized skincare, a bespoke schedule of weekly, monthly and yearly treatments and services that will amplify your glow. But it goes beyond in-studio treatments. “A crucial part of the the All The Things® continuum is your at-home skincare regimen, your daily routine,” says OVME founder Dr. Mark… Read More »

Take a Tour of the Brand-New OVME Bethesda Studio

There have been some big changes in Washington in the past month. Chief among them: the opening of the OVME Bethesda studio on January 25 (OK, so maybe we’re a little bias). Whether you’re a busy working professional, up-and-coming influencer or just looking for a refresh, our sleek medical aesthetics studio has everything you need… Read More »

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