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OVME Careers

What If?

These two words have super powers.
Every great idea begins with “What if?”
“What if” is the freedom to shake things up.
It represents potential and possibility;
It’s the kryptonite to confirmation bias and status quo.
It forces us to throw out the rules and see what’s possible.
So, let’s go:

What if YOU became part OVME?

Who We Are

OVME is an empowerment brand, a leader in a category in desperate need of humanity.
At its core, our team is composed of creative caregivers. We are challengers with an edge.
We adhere to an exacting standard of excellence—in our world, detail matters.
We are dreamers, but we thrive on execution.
We function as a team, recognizing that diversity brings strength, and with collaboration magic happens.
Our people and our culture are our most valuable assets.
Our purpose is to inspire confidence.

What We’re All About

Good vibes. Girl (and guy) power. The glow up. Sound like a lot of buzzwords?
How about these: Service, community, charity, authenticity, purpose. Ideals are what we value most.
We are a tribe of like-minded servant leaders who celebrate wins and empower one another.
When you become part OVME, you join an inclusive team of individuals who are hardworking, friendly, bright and passionate.
We take hiring seriously. We’ll say “no” ten times to get to one “hell yes!”
We offer market-leading compensation that allows us to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and we reward and promote our associates based on performance and nothing else—politics are so 2020.

How We Roll

We believe in you.
At OVME, success is a two-way street.
We’ll give you the tools you need to forge a positive career path: mentorship, coaching, leadership training and endless opportunity. As we grow, you grow.
Our teams share a commitment to constant and continuous learning and development.
We’ll empower you to be your best self—both in and out of the studio.

Begin your journey today.

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