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ProcedureNon-MemberOVME AccessOVME Elite
Botox For Sweating – Per Unit1199
Elessa Body Sculpting700560490
Elessa Body Sculpting (3x)150012001050
Microneedling – Hands600550500
Microneedling – Hands (3x)150014501400
Microneedling – Stretch Marks500450400
Microneedling – Stretch Marks (3x)120011501100
IPL – Chest400320280
IPL – Chest (3x)1100880770
IPL – Arms300240210
IPL – Arms (3x)800640560
IPL – Hands250200175
IPL – Hands (3x)650520455
IPL – Legs375300263
IPL – Legs (3x)1000800700
IPL – Leg Veins250200175
IPL – Leg Veins750600525
IPL – Vascular Lesions300240210
IPL – Vascular Lesions (3x)780635545
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*Restrictions may apply. Please speak to your OVME provider for full details and instructions.  Prices are subject to change.