Elessa Body Sculpting

The Elessa:  State of the Art Italian Technology

The Elessa performs non-surgical body sculpting by utilizing the power of ultrasound. The patented, concave hand piece delivers two ultrasonic beams that converge deeply and safely within adipose (fat) tissue.  The high-powered ultrasonic beams harness controlled high and low frequencies create a measurable and visible outcome in one treatment.


Am I right for Elessa?

Elessa is a unique option for a full range of body types. There is no minimum Body Mass Index that would preclude one from treatment. Elessa is effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite and body contouring.


What can I expect during my Elessa treatment?

Currently there are few body sculpting options available that offer demonstrable results without significant discomfort and/or recovery. Surgery may be accompanied by significant downtime or complications. Elessa is painless with no post-procedure downtime. The delivery of the ultrasonic beams is targeted and leaves the surrounding structures undamaged. Thus, there are no resulting complications or inflammation.

Treating multiple areas in one visit is possible and you can schedule a subsequent appointment in as early as one week.


What results should I expect?

While everyone is different, Elessa has been shown to create a measurable difference after your first treatment. A lasting result should be possible in 3-5 sessions.

Distribution of Elessa in the U.S. is a result of OVME’s partnership with laser distributor Cartessa Aesthetics and General Project, a leading engineer of innovative aesthetic technologies based in Italy.

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