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Hydration Therapy Cost, Effects, & FAQs

Relief for fatigue, flu-like symptoms, hangovers, and hydration depletion.

Hydration therapy is a minimally-invasive, pain-free procedure that intravenously delivers fluids, medications, and vitamins directly into your bloodstream to provide rapid relief from fatigue, hangovers, jet lag, flu symptoms, and dehydration.

What Is Hydration Therapy For?

The benefits of hydration therapy are different for each individual but may include increased energy, bolstered immune system, and hydration after illness or athletic competition. Treatments are administered through an IV and are performed by licensed medical professionals in our contemporary Buckhead studio.

What Are The Side Effects?

No major side effects are commonly seen after an I.V. treatment. Bruising can occur at the injection site after treatment and patients commonly experience a cooling sensation during the treatment however these side effects are expected.

OVME has developed a variety of proprietary blends to alleviate many common ailments.

The hydration therapy treatments last approximately 30 minutes.

Hydration therapy can alleviate a variety of ailments including fatigue, hangovers, headaches, jet lag, flu-like symptoms, and dehydration. OVME additionally offers bespoke cocktails that minimize inflammation, upset stomach, and nausea. Athletes, people with active lifestyles, frequent travelers, and busy moms can all benefit from hydration therapy.

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