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Lab Testing

Laboratory Testing FAQ

Many patients have questions before, during and after providing lab tests. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) OVME receives. If you have question(s) that are not listed below or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us via our website or call 770-504-6000.

What are medical lab tests?

Medical lab tests are quantitative examinations of blood, body fluids, and tissues performed in order to analyze what is normal or abnormal for you as a patient.

Why are medical lab tests performed?

60% to 70% of medical diagnoses and/or treatments are based on lab tests. Lab results can identify changes in your overall health, diagnose a disease or condition, evaluate your response to a treatment, or monitor the course of a disease over time.

When will my test results be available?

Most test results are ready by the next day. However, availability may vary depending on the type of test. OVME will provide you with results as soon as they are complete.

Can I eat or drink before the test?

This is dependent upon the type of blood test ordered.  If you are unsure, please contact your provider or ask an OVME staff member.

Can I take my medications before I take my blood tests?

Please take your medication unless given specific instructions by your primary care physician not to do so.

Does OVME accept insurance?


Where are you located? Can I go to any of your locations to have my tests done?

We are located in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA).

Do I have to have a doctor’s order to have lab tests done?


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