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OVME, The Face OV Medical Aesthetics.

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OVME, The Face OV Medical Aesthetics.

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OVME favors a natural and youthful approach to aesthetic medicine.


OVME favors a natural and youthful approach to aesthetic medicine. Choose from a variety of services that will keep you feeling confident, refreshed, and comfortable in your skin. #FountainOvYou


Face Services


Botox is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet


Dysport softens expression lines on the forehead, glabellar, and crow’s feet


Dermal fillers restore volume loss the to mid-face, lower-face, and lips


Kybella is the only product FDA approved to permanently sculpt sub-mental fat aka the "double chin"


OVME offers laser hair removal on all skin types, Botox for hyperhydrosis (profuse sweating), and medically supervised weight loss programs. OVME delivers proven results.


Body Services


CoolSculpting delivers precision guided cooling to safely and effectively destroy unwanted fat cells beneath the skin


Botox is routinely used to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating


Medically supervised injectable HCG #L(OV)eYourself

Hair Removal

High speed, painless laser hair removal. Our laser technology is safe and effective on ALL SKIN TYPES


We believe the needs of the medical aesthetics consumer have evolved beyond the industry landscape. OVME offers medical grade solutions that maximize health and wellness.


Health Services

B-12 Shots

OVME offers vitamin B-12 injections which are essential, water-soluble vitamins

Hydration Therapy

IV hydration therapy tailored to meet your needs

Lab Testing

Objective data helps chart your path to health and wellness


OVME understands the needs of the aging male. OVME’s data driven approach to executive health can help optimize testosterone levels, prevent hair loss, and maintain sexual vitality.


Men's Services


Erectile dysfunction medications +/- testosterone replacement therapy


Injectable prescription grade testosterone cypionate


Get ready to glow up.

OVME offers medical grade skin care for every body. Choose from a variety of treatments that can help repair, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin. OVME’s curated selection of medical grade products and services are the gateway to the “Fountain Ov You”.


Skin Services


Medical grade facials will leave your skin glowing and refreshed #InnOVation

Halo Resurfacing

Halo™ is the only laser resurfacing treatment that combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths

Laser Facial

Cosmetic laser treatments can tighten skin and reduce the appearance of scars and brown or red spots

Micro Needling

The Vivace RF Microneedling platform contours and tightens skin on the face, neck and body

Skin Care

OVME offers a curated selection of medical grade skin-care products that deliver superior outcomes

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Complimentary Weekly B-12 Shots & Monthly Facial Or Peel


Complimentary Consultations

OVME Nashville representing a full Friday MOOD! 🔥💙 When you feel good on the inside, it's impossible not to glow on the outside!

Find Your Friday Glow + Show us how you rock it by using #OVME on @tiktok! 💯
Sometimes lifting your spirits and lifting your br Sometimes lifting your spirits and lifting your brows go hand in hand! 🤝 Between quarantine and rainy days, it's important to remeber that you're not alone in feeling a little down in the dumps. So, to lift you up in the best way we know how, we're going staright for the💉forehead!

The most typical problem areas regarding wrinkles in both men and women as they age are focused around the upper 1/3rd of the face. But, botox can be used for everything — from worry and frown lines, to lip lines and jowls. 💋 So, if the stress of quarantine has wreaked havoc on your anti-aging skincare goals and you're looking for a fresh start, OVME is the #1 provider for Botox solutions in the region, and we’d lOVe to work our magic to help you reach your goals!

You can book an appointment, schedule a compliemntary consultation, and get started on the best version OV yourself 💙 We can’t wait to see you!
✨ Here are some quick Botox facts✨
💉 Botox isn’t permanent — Most procedures last between 3-4 months.
💉 It doesn’t just help wrinkles — Botox can also be used to help treat depression, sweating, chronic pain, and migraines.
💉 It is the most common nonsurgical procedure in the U.S.
💉 Most procedures last less than 30 minutes.
Matching Sets have a whole new meaning 💙 In our Matching Sets have a whole new meaning 💙 In our eyes, face masks are just another reason to go shopping! Plus, we love a good tie-dye moment.

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and are ready to create your own happiness this week — from Kissable Lips 💋 to Botox or Dysport 💉, discOVer the difference that medical grade skincare and services can have on your confidence!

When you choose OVME, you choose yourself.

Let OVME be your guide to Finding Your Glow + so much more!
The Post-Hydrafacial Glow is so real ✨ With no d The Post-Hydrafacial Glow is so real ✨ With no discomfort or downtime, a Hydrafacial at OVME is the best way to make this weekend all about you — because news flash: Self-care isn't selfish.

Be one step closer to becoming the best version OV you by giving your skin the hydration and life it deserves 💙 Fall in lOVe with self-care by making it a monthly ritual — Receive $45 off your Hydrafacials + so much more when you join our Elite Membership plan!

Today’s the day you let OVME be your guide to Finding Your Glow!
We're going to 𝒇𝒊𝒍𝒍💉 you in on a li We're going to 𝒇𝒊𝒍𝒍💉 you in on a little secret...Lips these luscious are the result of art and science!

In order to achieve superior patient outcomes like this, injectors must consider many factors like: anatomy, proportion ratios, individual filler properties, cost, downtime, age, and client expectations. OVME's expert providers consider every detail to develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you in order to ensure a natural, youthful, and individualized glow with every appointment.

Can't decide if lip fillers are for you? Consultations are always complimentary at OVME — Give us a call to book visit to the Fountain OV You™, today! 💋
Have you ever stopped to think that MAYBE Botox is Have you ever stopped to think that MAYBE Botox is actually obsessed with YOU?

All jokes aside, quarantine allowed for some much-needed self reflection. What we gathered? Each of you are beautiful, smart, glowing, and worthy of love 💋 You are enough just the way you are and OVME isn't here to change that or convince you otherwise. Rather, we are here to guide you along YOUR personal journey to becoming the best version OV yourself.

From B12 Shots and Botox, to Lip Fillers and HydaFacials, OVME is here to help you Find Your Glow and give back the confidence you deserve!✨
You’re looking for plan. A well-worn path to hea You’re looking for plan. A well-worn path to healthy, glowing skin. Fun fact — no two people are alike. You deserve a customized skincare solution, one designed just for you.
Let OVME be your guide.
What’s your recipe?
#FindYourGlow #TheFountainOvYou #SundayFunday

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