OVME Kybella Treatment

An FDA approved injectable treatment that helps to improve the appearance of a double chin.

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An alternative to major surgery.

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Medical Treatment Overview

What is it?

an injectable treatment that can help reduce the appearance of a double chin by destroying fat cells in the treated area.

What does it do?

Kybella contains a synthetic form of a naturally occurring molecule that breaks down and absorbs fat cells

What else?

Multiple injections may be needed for optimal results.

Why We Love It


Kybella is customizable to your specific needs and goals, with a treatment plan tailored to your individual situation.


The fat cells that are destroyed by Kybella are permanently eliminated, resulting in long-lasting results.

Minimal side effects

Side effects from Kybella are typically mild and temporary, such as swelling or bruising at the injection site.

Treatable Areas


A little baby face.

Upper Neck

Stubborn unmovable fat.

Jaw Line

Definition and Contour.

Your Provider Matters

Lauren – Studio Coordinator

"Kybella has totally changed my facial structure. That stubborn double chin that runs in my family has been bothering me for years. My biggest insecurity is officially gone for good!"

Meg – NP, Aesthetic Practitioner

"The best part about Kybella? It's forever! Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment to improve submental fullness (fat below the chin). Once these fat cells are injected, their function is permanently destroyed. After a series of up to 6 sessions, clients will love their enhanced, defined profile!"

Chelsea – RN, Aesthetic Practitioner

"Kybella is a great treatment to target unwanted fat under the chin and even better when paired with chin or jawline filler for an enhanced and sculpted look!"

Curious about what to expect?

Here are some helpful instructions for before and after your treatment.

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