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7 Lip Filler Before and After Shots You Have to See

Ah yes, the pursuit of perfect pouty lips! Over the past couple of years, models and influencers sporting full and plump lips have dominated the social media strata, which has sparked the question: Is it time to try it for myself?

Our answer: If it gives you the confidence and happiness you deserve (and the perfect selfie), do it. But before you do, there’s more to it than Google-ing “lip fillers before and after,” “1ml filler is it enough,” and Kylie Jenner. It’s essential to work with someone who can understand your goals and give you the results you deserve — with or without inspiration shots.   

Some people — think Queen Angelina Jolie, all hail her — are blessed to be born with plump, gorgeous, and envy-worthy lips. Others, however, seek out syringes full of OVME’s Juvederm XC formula, an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid compound, to help them achieve the luscious lips of their dreams with minimal downtime and noticeable results in just a few days.

We strive for excellence at OVME — excellent care, quality, and results. We deliver a top-of-the-line lip filler experience, where your safety and comfort are our first concern. All of our fillers are administered by certified and experienced OVME aestheticians and are thoughtfully decided based on your expectations and desired outcomes. 

We did a deep dive into the best of OVME’s lip fillers — before and after — to give you a sneak peek into the a la carte confidence booster you never knew you needed. 

1. Lip Filler Before and After: Natural, Youthful, and Luscious.

We helped this client achieve natural, plump lips using a filler called Restylane Defyne,   another hyaluronic acid treatment that results in a natural-looking fill. 

2. Lip Filler Before and After 1ml: Hydration Station. 

Our certified professionals used Juvederm Vollure to help this client gain confidence with supple, hydrated lips. Within a few short minutes, she was on the way to a prettier pout. 

3. Lip Filler Before and After: My, my, so mighty fine. 

We know that bigger isn’t always better. Our aestheticians are here to serve your needs and wishes, and plan to administer your fillers accordingly. This particular client was looking for a fuller lip with fine lines, and that’s just what she got. 

4. Lip Filler Before and After 1 ml: Live your life to the fullest potential. 

Fabulousness all around! We got this client’s lips looking fuller than ever, with a definable contour lip line using the Juvederm Volbella injectable. Juvederm Volbella is used to shape vertical lip lines while giving the lip body a little extra plump. 

5. Lip Filler Before and After: The best lips in life are worth waiting for

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were these fabulous lips. For this client, we suggested two syringes of Juvederm Ultra XC over a month-long period to achieve the look she was aiming for.

6. Lip Filler Before and After: What a girl wants. 

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“I’d love to get my lips done but I don’t want them overdone or fake.” . We hear this ⬆️ comment all if the time. If you are thinking about lip fillers the most important consideration (outside of selecting a qualified injector) is your desired cosmetic outcome. If you want to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple) there are fillers like #JuvedermVolbella that will provide 💋 hydration with limited increase in volume. . If you want more voluptuous, full lips (aka #KylieLips) #JuvedermUltra or #JuvedermUltraPlus may be a more suitable choice. . Big take aways: 👄 Desired cosmetic outcome should drive filler choice. 👄 You don’t have to “go big”. . In terms of volume enhancing effects the following is a simple guide least to most: . 💋 Juvederm Volbella 💋 Juvederm Vollure or Restylane Refyne 💋 Juvederm Ultra or Restylane Defyne 💋 Juvederm UltraPlus . Let OVME be your guide. . #AllTheThings #FindYourGlow #WeveDoneTheHomework #LipFillers #LipAugmentation #LessIsMore

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At OVME, our top priority is understanding what your desired cosmetic outcome is, and your expectations will help drive our professional choices. Are you looking for something au naturale and discreet? Or voluminous, like everyone’s favorite Jenner? Either way, your cosmetic wish is our command — don’t be afraid to speak up and tell us exactly what you want.

7. Lip Filler Before and After: Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

This fabulous Nashville client was looking for full-bodied lips with little recovery downtime. One of our certified OVME aestheticians used Juvederm Ultra XC to deliver noticeable results in just hours. 

We hope this collection of lip filler before and after shots helps inspire you to add a little something to your smile. 

If you are interested in learning more about our filler services, go to our website to book an appointment.  

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