Benefits of Dermaplaning Before Microneedling

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Treatment Duo: Dermaplaning & OVME RF Microneedling

Treatment Duo: Dermaplaning & OVME RF Microneedling

A bare face and summertime go together like, well, dermaplaning and OVME RF Microneedling. Trust us on this one: When high temps and makeup are fighting against each other, this dynamic treatment duo will give you the confidence to sport the #nofilter look all season.


Dermaplaning and OVME RF Microneedling treatments have the same end goal: smooth, rejuvenated, and glowing skin. The two treatments are best paired together if you’re looking to improve dull skin, texture, and overall appearance.

As the first step, dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells, build-up, and vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) on the skin’s surface. Then, OVME RF Microneedling comes into play as a minimally invasive treatment to tighten, firm, reduce enlarged pores, even skin tone, and smooth skin texture.

The best part? Together or separate, both treatments require little to no social downtime, and they can be booked during any season (unlike like some treatments, like laser, that are best done in the fall or winter months).


Dermaplaning is a popular add-on before many services (most commonly the OVME HydraFacial) since it enhances results by allowing your skin to soak up all the benefits of the treatment that follows it—and the same goes for your at-home medical-grade skincare products.

When combined with OVME RF Microneedling, dermaplaning allows the tiny needles and RF (radio frequency) currents to penetrate the skin even deeper and trigger the body to create collagen and elastin. (Don’t worry—it’s not as uncomfortable or painful as it sounds thanks to the prescription-strength numbing cream applied beforehand.)

This results in more noticeable skin rejuvenation and firming, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and a significant improvement in overall skin appearance. Tip: OVME RF Microneedling is especially beloved by clients looking to reduce the appearance of surgical or acne scars.




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