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Considering a Liquid Facelift? Here’s What You Need to Know

You might think of facelifts as a relatively modern procedure, but the surgery—known in the medical world as a rhytidectomy—has been around for over a hundred years. In fact, the first facelift was allegedly performed in 1901 in Berlin, while the first textbook about facial cosmetic surgery, entitled The Correction of Featural Imperfections, was written back in 1907.  

Surgical facelifts were and still are invasive procedures, which is why a modern alternative has evolved: the liquid facelift. Liquid facelifts can not only give you the younger appearance you’re looking for, but they can be safer, more convenient, and more affordable than traditional rhytidectomies for a number of reasons. If you’re considering getting one, here’s what you need to know. 

What is a liquid facelift?

A liquid facelift, also known as a non-surgical facelift, involves injecting the face with dermal fillers in order to plump the skin. This procedure will ultimately reduce the lines, sagging, and wrinkles that occur over time due to the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin. The injectables used can help by:

  • Lifting the brow 
  • Reducing jowls to define the jawline
  • Reducing excess skin around the neck
  • Defining the chin
  • Reducing the nasolabial folds 
  • Reducing marionette lines
  • Filling out the cheeks 
  • Rejuvenating the eye area

Before & After Liquid Facelift Photo

liquid facelift

Liquid Facelift vs. Surgical Facelift

There are a few reasons why you might opt for a liquid facelift over a surgical one. For starters, non-surgical facelifts take less time and require minimal recovery, while a surgical facelift will take much longer to recover. You will also have a lot more bruising and swelling—not to mention more pain, too—if you go the surgical route, often for weeks after the procedure is done. 

Liquid facelifts also allow for a more subtle, natural-looking approach, and your doctor can customize the amount of filler needed to achieve your desired results. Because they are less invasive and faster to complete, liquid facelifts are much more affordable than surgical ones. 

FAQs About Non-Surgical Liquid Facelifts

Still not sure if a liquid facelift is right for you? Undergoing any type of medical procedure—no matter how large or small—is a big decision, and it’s important to consult with a medical professional to figure out if this is right for you. It also couldn’t hurt to consider these frequently asked questions—there are many other women and men out there who are curious about this increasingly popular procedure, too! 

  1. How does a liquid facelift work? A liquid facelift works by injecting the skin with dermal fillers (OVME typically uses fillers made from hyaluronic acid gel) that “plump” the skin, filling out any lines or other signs of aging along the way.  
  1. How long does a liquid facelift last? The injectables used will typically last anywhere from 4-24 months.  
  1. How much does a liquid facelift cost? The cost will vary depending on your location, the areas you want treated, and the amount of filler needed. At OVME, our dermal fillers start at $400 per syringe for members and go up from there. You can view our pricing menu here.
  1. What’s the recovery like for a liquid facelift? Recovery time for a liquid facelift is generally minimal, although you might want to take it easy for the first few days (i.e., no working out) after your procedure. Generally, you might experience some bruising, swelling, and redness, but other than that, you should be good to resume your normal day-to-day activities.  
  1. When will I see results from my liquid facelift? The great thing about dermal fillers is that your results are immediately visible! Over the following 7-14 days, you can expect to see the full correction.

Choose OVME for your non-surgical facelift.

Whether you’re looking to reduce subtle signs of aging or filling out an area that you’re self-conscious about, liquid facelifts can be a safe, cost-effective way to get that refreshed and rejuvenated look. At OVME, we always want our patients to look and feel their best, which is why we offer the best dermal fillers for liquid facelifts. View our services and pricing here, and be sure to check out our membership options for the VIP treatment.

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