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SKINCARE 101: Get Glowing for Spring

You’re swapping out your closet and hitting the gym—sure signs that warmer weather is on the way. And as you dump those winter woes, here’s something else to think about: The start of spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your skincare routine.

“A solid skincare routine should be applicable to all seasons, but there are definitely different challenges when it comes to warmer weather,” says OVME founder Dr. Mark McKenna, citing heat, sweat, UV exposure and humidity as particular players in the skin-ravaging game.

So, how can you protect your glow?

Here, McKenna shares his top 10 tips to keep your skin bright all season long—and scroll all the way down to see which OVME treatments are a must for spring.

1. Lighten up

“Your skincare routine should mimic your wardrobe,” McKenna says. “Lighter in the warmer months, heavier in the colder months.” Avoid thick creams and heavy cleansers, and opt instead for more gentle products.

2. Don’t skip the moisturizer

We’re here to debunk the myth that you don’t need to moisturize when it’s warm outside. “Moisturize no matter what, even if your skin is oily,” McKenna says. “Moisturizer protects the skin from harmful pollutants and chemicals that can irritate and dry out the skin.”

3. Cue a combo

Products that serve a dual purpose are ideal for spring; making less product go further helps lighten the load. Considering the necessity of moisturizer (see tip #2), try a tinted moisturizer-SPF combo like Revision’s Intellishade Original. It hydrates, protects and adds a touch of color all in one swipe.

4. Take your vitamins (or better yet, apply them)

Vitamin C is particularly important in warmer weather to prevent hyperpigmentation. Plus, it’s an antioxidant, so it can help thwart damage from UV rays (remember what we said about products being dual-purpose?) Try it in the form of a serum, like OVME Boost — and check out our Skincare 101 tips to find out when to apply.

5. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Exposure to heat and the elements can exacerbate skin dryness and other glow-dulling symptoms. OVME’s solution? These Glow pads. “Our Glow pads help open up blocked pores and remove oils that can result in acne,” McKenna says.

6. Keep showers short

“Don’t overcompensate for the hot weather,” McKenna says. “Long, hot showers are very drying to the skin, and overshowering can lead to eczema and inflammation.” The sweet spot: 4-5 minutes, if you can manage.

7. Read your labels

Just like you’d check a nutrition label to keep your bikini bod in shape, read the labels on your skincare products too. “Makeup should be non-comedogenic,” McKenna says. That’s a fancy term that, simply put, means the product is free of poor-quality ingredients that clog pores.

8. Invest in a hat

It’s a chic solution to staying out of the sun, the most surefire way to—you guessed it—avoid sun damage that can lead to discoloration, wrinkles and more.

9. Drink up

We mean water, of course. Hydration is always key, but even more so in the spring and summer, when you’re losing extra water due to heat and humidity.

10. SPF: Apply, reapply, repeat

We saved the obvious tip for last: “Wear sunscreen,” McKenna advises. “Look for broad-spectrum, 30 or higher, and reapply every 2-3 hours.”

Of course, there’s no better excuse than spring skincare to hit the OVME studio. Here are three top treatments to prep your skin for the season.

* Laser Hair Removal

Book an appointment sooner than later; you’ll need to avoid sun exposure before and after any type of laser treatment. It’s one way to utilize these last days of cold weather—and get in a little self care just in time for swimsuit season.

* OVME HydraFacial®

The treatment is safe all year long, and it hydrates and exfoliates for an uberfresh glow. Adding boosters can help amplify the results by targeting specific issues like rosacea or simply pumping up the hydration.

* RF Microneedling

“This treatment is also safe year-round, since there’s no conflict with sun exposure,” McKenna says. It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and restores volume in the face, resulting in firmer, tighter skin.

Psst …

Did you know Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating? Learn more here

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