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Make the MOST out of your OVME Membership

Make the MOST out of your OVME Membership

Published on April 8, 2022

OVME Membership certainly has its privileges, and here’s how they can best benefit you!

It’s like a gym for your skin — the membership that puts your needs first. OVME Elite and Access memberships let you commit to reaching your skin goals, and give you the support that will help you achieve them.

Here are 5 Tips to squeeze all the glory out of your OVME perks.

1. set goals

What are you trying to accomplish for your skin long-term? Are you looking to reverse sun damage? Battle acne scars? How about keeping the fountain of youth flowing in your direction? Having a focus for your skin is just like having a workout goal. You can’t get toned and strong arms without breaking down a routine to get there and keep attacking that goal as often as needed to get the desired result.
Whatever your goals are, share them with your OVME provider so they can get you on a plan to achieve your dream skin. OVME addresses each client’s journey with a unique approach tailored to their needs and a combination of products and services that targets the things you are aiming at fixing.

2. try everything

Memberships allow you to invest in your skin at a membership price. This means you have access to dream products and services that are just waiting to be discovered. This is your chance to try RF Microneedling with PRP, OVME Laser Resurfacing and oh, so much more. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected services that end up being your favorite.

3. find your routine

As a member, you get complimentary signature facials, weekly B12 shots, guaranteed Botox appointments, and so much more. The best way to keep up with all of your perks is to schedule it like you would a work meeting or playdate. That “you” time on your calendar is more likely to be taken if you prioritize it. This is the best way to get the OVME membership to work for you. And your skin will thank you!

4. celebrate milestones

There is a reason we do a complimentary skin analysis with every client experience, and that is because our products and services give you REAL results you can see. We stand behind this promise and every member of the OVME team is deeply excited to be a part of your journey to better skin health. The best part of our jobs is to check in with you on the amazing milestones you have hit and celebrate them! Have you eliminated those pesky age spots? We’re so excited! What about those frown lines that are no longer visible? It brings us joy, too! Every step you take to live your most confident life is one we want you to be proud of.

5. attend in-studio events

OVME events give even greater bonuses, perks, experiences and discounts to members. It’s the perfect way to dabble into something new, invite a friend to try services with you, make friends with other skin junkies in your community and be a part of something bigger. Events are designed with members in mind — they always get the sweetest deal!

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