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8 Treatments That Are Better Together

8 Treatments That Are Better Together

While we can appreciate independence as much as Kelly Clarkson, when it comes to skincare, oftentimes the best results occur when two treatments lean on each other. Keep scrolling for eight OVME services that aren’t meant to be solo artists if you want to improve the health of your skin and see compliment-worthy results.

First: OVME Photo Facial

Then: OVME Laser Resurfacing

When paired together, OVME’s Photo Facial and Laser Resurfacing treatments are the most notable dynamic duo thanks to their ability to target a variety of the most common skin conditions. The OVME Photo Facial targets pigmented and vascular lesions (i.e., brown spots and redness), while OVME Laser Resurfacing firms, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, and specifically targets deep dermal damage (translation: the brown spots beneath your skin that have yet to surface and are only visible with an OVME Skin Analysis).

You can schedule these treatments back-to-back in one appointment without any extra social downtime. Bonus: Book a dermaplaning appointment (a light exfoliation treatment) one to two weeks post-OVME Laser Resurfacing to remove any dry skin left over from the treatment. The follow-up appointment also allows your aesthetician to assess your results in person.

OVME PhotoFacial Before & After

OVME Laser Resurfacing
Before & After

First: OVME HydraFacial

Then: OVME RF Microneedling

OVME RF Microneedling tightens skin, improves skin texture, and minimizes fine lines by causing dermal “micro-injuries” that stimulate a team of inflammatory blood cells to migrate to the treatment area and aid in tissue repair, which causes new collagen to be produced.

But first: Get an Elite HydraFacial at least one month before your OVME RF Microneedling appointment and opt for the Sente Dermal Repair booster or Alastin TriHex-Pro booster. The boosters help increase your skin’s self-protecting capacity, accelerate recovery and healing, reduce redness, and help restore your skin’s moisture barrier.

OVME HydraFacial
Video credit: Savanna Leigh, @sweetsavleigh

First: Dermaplaning

Then: Any OVME Facial or Peel

By first removing dead skin cells and vellus hairs (“peach fuzz”) on your face through dermaplaning, your skin is free to soak up every ounce of the good stuff —which means dermaplaning can be paired with any OVME facial or peel in the same appointment to boost the results of serums, boosters, peels, or medical-grade skincare products.

Video credit: Ashley Rivera, @cashleymari3

First: Botox/Dysport

Then: Dermal Filler

While these two treatments may appear to be a one-or-the-other decision out of fear of “overdoing it” or risking not looking like yourself, Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers actually work better and produce the most natural-looking, confidence-inducing results when done in tandem.

As Botox or Dysport work to relax your facial muscles and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers are used 
to correct age-associated volume loss in the cheeks, lips, temples, tear troughs, and jowls by restoring volume with hyaluronic acid gel (a naturally occurring substance that attracts and retains moisture).

Botox Before & After

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