Gorgeous at Every Age: The Best Treatments for Every Decade

Gorgeous at Every Age: The Best Treatments for Every Decade

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls look amazing as they age since they take the best care of their skin. But what does that mean exactly? Everyone wants to look luminous into their 60s and beyond, but that means starting to care about maintenance as early as your 20s. But don’t worry, we’ve got the service and product guide you need to best approach the best years of your life— all of them! 


20’s - Focus on: Your Skincare Routine 

Up until this point, perhaps you’ve dabbled in moisturizers but it’s time to build out and find a skincare routine and HydraFacial schedule that works for your skin type.  

Antioxidants help to brighten the skin while preventing daily damage. Sunscreen is the most important investment you can make in your skin at an early age to stave off wrinkles, sun spots, and overall damage that happens—daily use is paramount. But OVME HydraFacials are the baseline to bring out the best in your skin for the rest of your life. 


30’s - Focus on: Prevention 

This is the perfect time to start treatments that really help boost that slowing cellular turnover. Think chemical peels, RF micro-needling, and OVME PhotoFacials that can also help with skin discoloration. 


40’s - Focus on: Firmness 

You could say your 40s are all about firmness because when your 40s hit, the firmness goes. The loss of elasticity and volume is more noticeable, causing more pronounced wrinkles and volume loss in the cheeks, lips, or undereyes. 

Plus, the sun damage that has amassed over the last few decades can take its toll and even lead to conditions like melasma. The best way to combat all these changes is a two-pronged approach: home products and studio services. 

At home, make sure to add hyaluronic acid into your routine, as well as a serum. In-studio, restore the fullness of your skin with fillers, and stop those fine lines from turning into deep valleys with regular BOTOX. It’s also time to really invest in OVME Laser Resurfacing — the holy grail of treatments that almost seems like you’re aging in reverse. And in a way, you are since the treatment increases cellular turnover and collagen production. 



50’s - Focus on: Routine 

You could say that your 50s are all about “retention.” That is the retention of your skin’s moisture and elasticity that declines. Menopause changes a woman’s body, and hormones with levels of estrogen decline. 

The result is loss of moisture and loss of volume on the face. All of a sudden, your skin might be more sensitive, and age spots more prominent. Of course, fillers and neurotoxins will help, but laser maintenance is a must! And if you haven’t jumped into the PRP (platelet rich plasma) realm, this is such an added bonus to treatments like RF Microneedling to enhance cellular turnover. 



60’s and Beyond – Focus on: Retention 

Focus on hydration at home (moisturizers, serums), and coming in for collagen boosting treatments at least three times a year. 

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