OVME For Life: Peptides for Weight Loss and Wellness

OVME For Life: Peptides for Weight Loss and Wellness

Our Peptide Program

At OVME, we wholeheartedly believe that the path to true optimization begins with realignment. You, our valued clients, serve as the driving force behind the creation of our bespoke wellness experiences. Our Vitality subscriptions are curated to empower you to achieve a state of optimal health and wellness. We hold our products to the highest standards because we genuinely believe that what you put into your body profoundly matters.

The Vitality Membership

We're delighted to present two accessible tiers of membership: Vitality and Vitality+. Each is thoughtfully crafted to cater to your unique wellness needs. The Vitality subscription, priced at $500 per month, and our Vitality+ membership, available at $699 per month, offer two distinct pathways to embark on this transformative journey. The Vitality+ membership, in particular, ensures an expedited experience during your realignment process. Your choice empowers you to tailor your journey towards well-being.

The client journey begins with you and one of our dedicated OVME Wellness providers. Together, we delve into your goals, assess your current status, and thoroughly review your blood work, arming you with all the knowledge necessary to embark on your peptide program. Within just eight weeks, you'll find yourself well on the path to a renewed state of wellness. Our commitment is unwavering; we're here to provide guidance and support on this empowering journey.

The Peptide Packages

When choosing a package, you and your provider will discuss what works best for you. Each package contains a specific peptide, and vitamins or aminos (lipotropic) that can offer a range of wellness solutions. Below you'll learn more about each individual package.


Accelerate. Motivate. Trim.

The mOmentum package was designed for individuals seeking to manage their eating habits by curbing appetite and reduce excess weight. It also incorporates vitamins and amino acids to combat fatigue, support liver function, and improve the metabolism of fatty acids. This unique blend was carefully formulated to accelerate your weight management goals.restOre


Recover. Refresh. Renew.

restOre was created to revitalize your overall well-being. This package contains vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), a naturally producing neuropeptide that can help support healthy hormone levels, limit inflammation, and regulate the immune system. Experience a comprehensive blend of ingredients designed to elevate your vitality and restore your best self. 


Energize. Boost. Sculpt.

tOrch is your avenue to metabolism enhancement, increased fat burning, and optimal efficiency in your pursuit of a lean physique. This package aims to elevate metabolism and reduce appetite. When combined with lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise, tOrch empowers you to achieve your goals for attaining an ideal weight and optimal metabolic health.


Engage. Excite. Ignite.

passiOn was carefully designed to enhance sexual health. This package showcases PT141, an FDA-approved medication known to boost sexual desire in both men and women experiencing low libido or seeking to enhance their sex drive. PT141 is an approved treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. 


Balance. Sharpen. Support.

fOcus was developed to enhance mental clarity, promote cellular health, and offer cognitive support. This package incorporates NAD+, a naturally occurring coenzyme crucial for metabolic processes in the body. Scientific research has consistently shown there is a significant decline in NAD+ levels with advancing age. fOcus now offers an injectable option to boost cognitive support using a convenient, accessible, and straightforward method.

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